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Drink the note of soya-bean milk
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Soya-bean milk is the food that a lot of people like, many people regard breakfast as soya-bean milk, but drinkable soya-bean milk must notice somewhat, cause a disease very easily otherwise, so, what should drinkable soya-bean milk notice? 1. Impersonal person all appropriate. Motherland medicine thinks: Soya-bean milk sex is smooth slant cold and slippery benefit, usually stomach is cold, have after drink send the frowsty, queasy, belch, person that swallows acid, the person with deficient kidney of lienal empty easy diarrhoea, abdominal distension person and nightly frequent micturition, seminal emission, all should not be drinkable soya-bean milk. 2. Cannot be the same as drink with medicaments. Some medicaments can destroy the nutrient part in soya-bean milk. Wait for antibiotic medicaments like tetracycline, erythromycin. 3. Cannot irruptive egg. The trypsin in meeting and soya-bean milk joins the gallinaceous egg white in the egg, produce the material that is drawn not easily by human body. 4. Soya-bean milk of avoid excessive drink. Unfavorable drink is overmuch, had caused disease of indigestion of feeding habits protein extremely easily otherwise, appear the   of   of unwell disease cure such as abdominal distension, diarrhoea 5. Do not want hollow drink. Hollow drink soya-bean milk, the protein in soya-bean milk is cosmopolitan in quantity of heat of the translate into inside human body be used up; Cannot rise adequately to benefit action. Drink soya-bean milk takes the starch such as some of biscuit, cake, steamed bread at the same time kind food, can make the soya-bean milk protein action in starch falls, produce enzymatic solution adequately with gastric juice, make nutrient material is absorbed adequately. 6. Not drinkable the soya-bean milk that did not thoroughly cook. The harmful material such as stayer of saponin, trypsin is contained in raw soya-bean milk, did not thoroughly cook drinkable, can produce the toxic symptom such as disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea. 7. Avoid uses soya-bean milk of vacuum flask keep in storage. In temperature appropriate condition falls, serve as nourishment with soya-bean milk, the bacterium inside bottle can breed in great quantities, through 3-4 the hour can make soya-bean milk acid defeats metamorphism.