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The smell of mutton of purify hotpot
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Some do not like to eat hotpot, because hotpot has taste of smelling of fish or mutton,be. If cook method is proper, use condiment is appropriate, with respect to fishy smell of meeting take out. Talk below the hotpot that boil and explode of hotpot go method of the smell of mutton.   of the hotpot that boil drills a turnip some of hole, boil together into boiler and hotpot; Also can put a few gram in boiler, but flavour of eliminate smelling of fish or mutton. Boil hotpot in vain with clear water, garlic and rare chili touch are added when eating (chili is oily or the rare paste that chili face and water agitate become) , gas of the smell of mutton also can decrease. hotpot abluent had cut, put into boiled water boiler, pour on a few meters of vinegar next. General 1 jin of hotpot can put 1 jin of water, 0.5 two vinegar. Boil boil, take out hotpot, gas of the smell of mutton can remove. At this moment, take out the smell of mutton angry hotpot braise in soy sauce perhaps takes other way all but. Burn, when the hotpot that boil, join the curry powder of certain amount, also can remove gas of the smell of mutton. General 1 jin of hotpot put bag or 1/3 packets of half curry powder. Explode the render inside boiler of ovine cutlet   is oily, wait for oily heat, leave hotpot boiler. Hotpot is fried to half ripe, the vinegar that add rice bakes dry. Acetic amount is the flesh one thousandth the left and right sides. Add green, ginger, soy, white sugar, cooking wine, fennel next child need seasoning, garlic sprouts or mashed garlic are added when having pot. Flavour of its smelling of fish or mutton is decreased greatly, flavour sweet alcohol. The render inside boiler is oily, with boiler of boil in water for a while of powder of ginger, garlic, put hotpot stir-fry before stewing to half ripe, put green Chinese onion again, immediately adds stir-fry before stewing of soy, vinegar, cooking wine to be fried a few times, boiler makes sesame oil since. Its flavour sweet beauty, without smelling of fish or mutton.