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These vegetable cannot match eat
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Pork water chestnut feeds meeting liver to ache together, avoid of chicken celery photograph hurts vitality; The meeting after beef chestnut is fed vomits, hotpot watermelon encounters calm each other is invaded; Rabbit meat celery feeds a hair together, goose egg is the same as desk caustic taste; If dog meat encounters gram to be able to hurt a body, egg of ricefield eel skin cannot fellow travel; Carp licorice together with will be harmful, crab and persimmon accompany will be toxic; Soft-shelled turtle ricefield eel and avoid of crab pregnant woman, the egg eats diminish inflammation again piece strong; Tie-in stone gives birth to persimmon yam, soya-bean milk nutrition shoulds not be strong egg; Onion honey encounters eye, turnip agaric becomes binate dermatitis; Photograph of bean curd honey mixes ear is broken acute hearing, beautiful fact of color of spinach bean curd is unfavorable; Carrot white turnip rushs each other, tomato cucumber cannot be fed together; After cucumber takes food avoid earthnut, turnip fruit is adverse thyroid; Banana taro bilges into hydrochloric acid in gastric juice painful, potato banana is facial have spot.