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Street of corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs is Manchu chaffy dish
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In us northward winter makes season, many people like to have chaffy dish, pursue not only its are convenient, delicious, and also be the better choice that kin, classmate, friend dines together. Many person selected choose have chaffy dish is to like to eat especially hot, although eat all over the face dripping wet of aglow, kubla khah, but still do not wish commentate hand, because of it can dispel is cold add warm.
The chaffy dish of Jilin city, when street of several corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs Manchu chaffy dish has distinguishing feature alone. Advocate expecting is with steaky pork (pork) , beef, hotpot and roe deer flesh (roe deer flesh already did not see more now) , match again with all sorts of dish, the cook that adds distinctive tradition and old soup reach boiler of appropriative pure bronze, became a special skill in Manchu food.
Besides enjoy taste sterling, the market of authentic corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs with fresh mouthfeel is Manchu outside chaffy dish, still can experience Manchu ethical culture in the restaurant of Manchu style, general wall both sides is hanging the Qing Dynasty that has had chaffy dish to reach an emperor toward Manchu royal east the historical a miniature reproduction of a painting of make one's rounds, the clerk is worn Manchu dress welcomes guest.
According to historical textual criticism, kang Xi ever sampled to ancient city of street of corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs this boiler, be profuse in praise, call this boiler " Laoshang sterling, taste is distinctive " , because of what had a czar " the mouth instructs " , subsequently wide to circulate.