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On preserved egg lake " open Jiang Yu "
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Preserved egg lake is to be apart from Jilin city urban district 12 kilometers, China is large and artificial one of lakes. Lake area area 550 square kilometer. Preserved egg lake will open a lake on April 15 this year, a day between, put disappear snow be in harmony on the ice, river river defrost, common says " river " or " construct a canal " , at this moment the fish is called " open Jiang Yu " .

A present Jiang Yu is main fish having crucian carp, carp, silver carp, fat first class, still have special local product of preserved egg lake " 3 flowers (crucian carp is flower of Bian flower, a huge legendary turtle, beautiful) one island " , but as a result of some closer year less and less, already became precious fingerling. The fish lived in lake water one winter, move about is slow, eat rarely feed, the earthy fishy smell inside body already was spat, flavour is particularly consequently delicious.

Sample the place to go that Jiang Yumei feeds has area of lake of preserved egg lake street of cate of the numerous greatly small fish restaurant, live fish that celebrate mountain. Can sample at the same time delicate cate, admire spring scenery beautiful scenery at the same time.