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Free self-help chaffy dish fiery will come on stage in July 28 yuan / (the water
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Complete new clothes of supermarket of free self-help chaffy dish builds China big public house, chaffy dish of 3 kinds of characteristic: Fat cattle chaffy dish, beans scoops up chaffy dish, old phantom chaffy dish; Flesh of kid of fresh fat beef, United States pole, secret makes ball of fresh pork, characteristic kind; More than 108 dish such as a variety of fungus of season seafood, special local product, green vegetables is tasted sample at will. Liquor, beer, beverage is chosen at will. Flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil of arrogant, spot strings together fertilizer showing planing machine to be enjoyed freely. Free self-help chaffy dish 28 yuan / (the water that contain wine) .
Address: Jilin city Song Jiangdong district 1 (China edifice)
Seek advice, book a phone: 0432-2161365 2481488 telephone exchange: 0432-2161000
Supermarket of free self-help chaffy dish is panoramic

Raw material of 108 kinds of chaffy dish, dish is tasted choose at will
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