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"The live fish that celebrate mountain " far and near is famed
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Qing Ling is the name of hamlet of a valley of city of river of flood dragon of administer of place of city of Jilin province Jilin nevertheless, wait for beauty spot as a result of cereal of park of lake of proximate preserved egg, the forest that celebrate mountain, red autumnal leaves, build have the market of cate of the live fish that celebrate mountain that has dimensions quite, far and near is consequently famed, nowadays " the live fish that celebrate mountain " swim to Jiang Zhehu of an abundant place, swim to Guangdong, Beijing, ostentatious at delicate cate forest. Will celebrate street of cate of mountain live fish, approach house of a fish continuously, see inn-keeper scoop the golden scale big carp with a few frisky end from inside the pound of backyard first, fast knife looks to solve a fish after, the law of inn-keeper introduction cook listens by the side of. Celebrate the condiment that place of mountain live fish uses, and so on of green of ginger of oily salt of no more than, do not give convention, only " Hao " this blindly condiment, outstanding. " Hao " it is the weed that grows between local hill, foliaceous form is like feverfew, color and southern Ai Xie are similar, odour also similar, microstrip drug is popular. Also do not know the peculiar smell that is a Hao, condense gradually as the water of full boiler, and permeate deeply in eating fish, go, after half hours, inn-keeper carries the fish when the desk, feel to have a special sweet smell dense come, diffuse one room, blame orchid, blame musk deer, be like ever was acquainted, desire differentiate is not had however. Must admit in the heart: Alleged forestall one's opponent by a show of strength, of the live fish that celebrate mountain " first signs " , be this aroma. Piscine restaurant is piscine restaurant, renown accord with actually, mensal is a fish on, and it is old style, bridge mountain brave man is chunk eats the meat, qing Ling is big basin has a fish. The fish that the diameter is like washbasin dish, put in past banquet, capacity audience uses a facial expression for it. This inn-keeper whacker is self-confident, say it seems that, wanted you to eat to celebrate mountain live fish only, other 10 thousand flavour be nothing difficult! Everybody can'ts help be filled with deep esteem, as expected a cruelly oppress enters the mouth, it is so tender that your glibly promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid first, stay a little, the little taste sweet smell that shows character then diffuses to come, let taste bud of the myriad on your tongue, flee at the mere sight of the oncoming force, temporarily also differentiate is not clear southeast northwest, be grabbed early to lay gut by pharynx and larynx.