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Jiangchen gust cate, eat to spend cabinet corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizan
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Jilin original name corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs -- full language " edge river " , it is one of Manchu birthplace. At the beginning of Ming Moqing, qing Taizu loves to become aware newly collect Ha Chi of • exert Er guides following march to fight in road, to save time, everybody waits pig, sheep, beef put inside a boiler to burn boil. Taste flavour is delicious very, chef of room of classics drive board tries after delicacies of every kind boil make drive board top grade, to quiet acting middle period, especially chaffy dish of be addicted to of Qianlong emperor cruel, during his v/arc be on the throne, 6 south make one's rounds goes on an inspection tour Jilin, the point that reachs, it is good that local official casts its place. Contend for with place various chaffy dish is entered display, the below follow the behavior of the above, become the order of the day of edible chaffy dish finishs on the government and the public.
Our northeast person likes to have chaffy dish, it goes to the lavatory not only, and delicate. Although eat all over the face aglow, kubla khah dripping wet, but still do not wish commentate hand, because, it can dispel is cold add warm.
The corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs of clear beautiful cabinet that has business areas of 1000 much smoother rice is Manchu chaffy dish, 1, 2 are capacious and bright hall, 3, 4 set house of big, packet, among them, big package can hold 20 much people, packet 10 much people, besides, you still can experience full-bodied Manchu culture atmosphere and the clerk's enthusiastic and considerate service, build to you, the repast environment of guests feel at home.
Corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs of clear beautiful cabinet is Manchu the flesh of chaffy dish is very exquisite also, use concentration entirely rib of the ox at New Zealand, hotpot, and, ox, hotpot is to coil by oneself make, after the course discharges acid, huge improved the character of ox, hotpot and mouthfeel.
The chaffy dish of Jilin city, spend cabinet corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs when the Qing Dynasty of several Xiamen street Manchu chaffy dish, it is the cate that north has distinguishing feature most, it is Jilin city exclusive an authentic corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs is Manchu chaffy dish, advocate expecting is self-restrained, the ox that cuts oneself, hotpot and steaky pork piece, match with all sorts of vegetable, add distinctive cook, makings of boiler ground boiling water chooses a variety of 20 raw material such as big bone of classy pig, ox and stupid chicken, be made via be being boiled for long and become, add the bronze chaffy dish that uploads all, became a special skill in Manchu food, and, nutrition rich, taste is distinctive, little and not the be bored with, quantity that contain calcium is advanced characteristic, have nourishing, raise colour wait for effect. Really " Laoshang is sterling, taste is distinctive. Taste is distinctive..
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