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New store opens business: Characteristic " iron plate burns group "
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An iron plate burns brief introduction:
Iron plate is burned result from World War II, the beautiful arms of on the march wears helmet on fire, burn feed allay one's hunger, be drawn lessons from by Japanese and French later, form two kinds of different styles.
In the developed country, eat iron plate to burn become a kind of fashion, american cooking association still is established (glow) iron plate burns gastrology school. This shows iron plate burns the position in dietary culture.
"Iron plate is burned " hutch art is masterly, communicate face-to-face with guest, raw material complementary material is enough and new, delicate and suitable, eat delicately, eat healthily, eat piece refined, take a skill. Because its are delicate not fat feature, get common feelings of people greatly. Rise increasingly as people living standard in recent years, advocate colourful of delicate and healthy food is fashion, iron plate burns characteristic to according with this requirement.
Today, "Iron plate is burned " already approached common people, this inn is integrated day type characteristic, combine the taste of northerner, let pay attention to tall savour enjoy you can eat on " group " , ask you or " the eye sees the stomach is fed " !

Address: Liberate the road builds new multi-purpose building on the west 2 sites (on boreal center)
Chief: Yu Hongbin
Order eat phone: 7647640 management types: Characteristic is fastfood
Business area: 330
Eat digit: 80
Include a number: 4
Characteristic dish:

Meal establishment

First floor stage

First floor dining-room

First floor dining-room one horn

2 buildings dining-room

2 buildings include a house (1)

2 buildings include a house (2)
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