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Open oasis of hill of inscription of boutique of river fish banquet to welcome y
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Brief introduction of inscription hill oasis

Inside the developing zone of economy of peaceful of dragon pool day that inscription hill oasis reposes at Jing Xiuli of Jilin city Dong Duanfeng, "Inscription hill " deep results from in those days horse of plan of Kang Xi's emperor hereat, but see two Chi Bishui place over one hill, clear pool is deep and serene, clear and clever, landscape is monochromatic, like nature itself. Ask hill the name then, buddha of Kang Xi ripe solution manages, blurt out: Anonymous also famous, this Shan Jiming hill. There is a poem to be card after: Free chasing the deer-fight for the throne goes straight towards 100 whip, ask hill is anonymous why the work is hard, green Tao Yingshui is green emerald green, hill of inscription of carefree extensive wave shows.
Zoology of inscription hill oasis is manorial by encircle of inscription hill all sides, carefree lake and extensive wave pool water of two pools green jade is located in garden, collect " sightseeing of characteristic meal, recreational recreation, zoology, travel crosses conference of false, business affairs " etc muti_function the modernization that is an organic whole zoology garden. In recent years inscription hill oasis with the rurality from of primitive simplicity, nature, the originality dedication that has alone with craftsmanship gives more and more high-quality goods themes, recreational recreation, sightseeing will visit before attracting more and more urbanite.
Ministry of the meal inside garden area sets large sunshine modes of life and relation to their environment dining-room, muti_function room of musical KTV bag, luxurious KTV includes a house (set rotate automatically eat stage, can accommodate 30 people repast at the same time) , can recieve 1000 people repast at the same time, can undertake banquet of beautiful of birthday of large happy event, offer marriage gauze exterior freely to film at the same time; Guest room ministry sets high-grade, standard, average guest room to be able to recieve 300 people to be entered at the same time. Medium-sized video assembly room, recieve business affairs to negotiate with of all kinds conference; Ministry of peace and happiness sets field of ski of swimming-pool of pool of large and outdoors go angling, open air, winter, jungly adventure, mountain-climbing, row, the form a complete set such as peace and happiness of recreation of card of firework, bonfire, adventure playground, yurt, chess, fitness establishment everything needed is ready; Farming produce a ministry to build have meal for private use large breed aquatics base, the establishment of form a complete set such as processing factory of potherb of pool of base of establish of green greens colza, orchard, fish, hill, made truly plant oneself raise oneself from treatment, green meal one continuous line, satisfied dining-room supply demand greatly, the client is OK place oneself gives birth to state lobby at bright and quiet and tastefully laid out sunshine, can the edge admires an edge to feed experience rural amorous feelings, true it may be said: Affection of natural green good intention, new pure just right tastes.
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