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Happy " 61 " travel of inscription hill oasis is full 100 give 20
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Zoology of Lai Mingshan oasis is manorial

- the red-letter day that gives the child a pleasure

The meal ministry with manorial zoology of inscription hill oasis is set in dining-room of zoology of 1000 people sunshine, roll out bridal banquet, business affairs banquet all the year round, add up to the home convivial wait for characteristic formula.

Establishment of guest room of business affairs assembly room, standard is perfect, the price is reasonable, suit business affairs conference and group to go vacationing most.

"61 " during coming, we prepared to make surge of balloon, tug-of-war, wheel for the child, dozen pocket, pass Eden of ball, ferrule, game to wait for more than 20 programs. Still can mountaineer freely search treasure, picked potherb. Tests of these intelligence of children of mobile collect teenager, courage and insight grows me, solidarity helps each other for an organic whole, participate in among them program:

Be close to nature Challenge limit develops intelligenceFun is boundless

Bend affection gives free to be in greatly hot in undertaking: Consumption is full 100 give 20

Book a phone: 0432-3906999

Address: Main entrance of park of dragon pool hill east row 3 kilometers see billboard right-hand rotation.

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