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Lake of preserved egg of inscription hill oasis leaves river " spring fish "
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The brief introduction of spring fish

The origin of spring fish, it is immortal fish formerly incognito and come, immortal fish gets a name with take good care of sb with treating a disease in period of early ancient time. Slowly a secret recipe that people changes it into nourishing preserve one's health to give priority to again, after this just passes inscription hill oasis, what inscription hill oasis chooses is all sorts of fresh water fish that grow in lake spring oneself, so immortal fish incognito fish of spring of oasis of the hill that it is inscription.
The seeper in lake of inscription hill oasis comes from water of spring dominating hill, water quality is clear Gan Tian, the fish in the lake never also is fed feed commodity feed, collect only cut feral clove grass to feed feed, a large number of high protein are contained to pledge in lucerne grass, after piscine edible, the flesh is qualitative fresh and tender, have nutrition very much, it is fish of ordinary fresh water cannot can compare, plus ancient square medicinal food " immortal fish " secret recipe, after edible, aroma happy person, the person often is fed but light body, the empty in be being treated is deficient, filling the five internal organs, add vigour, add marrow, acute hearing ear bright eye, raise liver, stop thirsty, embellish lung, make the person skins moist, driving, not easy and anile.

The making craft of spring fish

Choose Shan Yelong marrow, sika bone, 3 aged chicken to wait a variety of rare feed capable person, deserve to wait for a variety of rare Chinese herbal medicine with ginseng, pilose antler, glossy ganoderma, according to secret recipe of more than 200 years of be handed down from ancient times, with great concentration of classics later generations is studied, more appropriate modern is made after reforming the recipe of place edible, boil with slow fire make 3 hours of above, extraction goes out not to add the classy soup-stock of the dressing such as essence of gourmet powder, chicken, the spring water, spring fish that has lucerne grass to be brought up is drunk in choosing lake of inscription hill oasis again, fast processing is clean after leaving water, the quick-boil inside rapid devoted soup-stock is ripe, the green such as rejoin Ji shepherd's purse is pure natural hill potherb, can give boiler, into milky white of dish colour and lustre, Shang Xiangnong entrance of gloomy, cruelly oppress is changed namely, fresh and tender and clinking, the hill potherb of green free from contamination is to be this dish to grace more add flavor.

The nutrient effect of spring fish

What common saying says is good, of 4 legs be inferior to two legs, of two legs be inferior to a leg, of a leg be inferior to doing not have a leg, what this says is the nutrient effect of food, arrive from pig flocks and herds gallinaceous duck goose, still have dawdle, fungus, the fish that is inferior to be being moved in water middle reaches really on nutrition, via dietetics home argumentation, rich protein, amino acid, vitamin is contained to wait in the fish, still have a lot of human body cannot enough complex iodic, calcic, iron, phosphor mineral. Fiber of cruelly oppress flesh is thin short, reason flesh is qualitative delicate, digest more easily than cultivate birds flesh. The fish contains a heart to protect factor, it is balanced and prandial main component.
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