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Spend the New Year to inscription hill oasis 30
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With the family together, eat a farmhouse meal! This is the aspirations of our urbanite. So old, the greatly small recreation town inside city, enlighten, hotel, eat, drink, play, it is those things, say a truth, eat dirt a bit really, also play enough. Beginning of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, eat a reunion meal to be in surely inscription hill oasis! ! !
Zoology of inscription hill oasis is manorial inside the developing zone of economy of peaceful of dragon pool day that is located at Jing Xiuli of Jilin city Dong Duanfeng, by encircle of inscription hill all sides, carefree lake and extensive wave pool water of two pools green jade is located in garden, it is collect " sightseeing of characteristic meal, recreational recreation, zoology, travel goes vacationing, business affairs conference " etc muti_function the modern zoology garden that is an organic whole. In recent years inscription hill oasis the rurality with of primitive simplicity, nature, the originality dedication that has alone with craftsmanship gives more and more high-quality goods themes, recreational recreation, sightseeing will visit before attracting more and more urbanite.
The meal inside garden area includes: Bake banquet of characteristic of the eat of deer of complete sheep, nutrition, dish that kill a hog, farmhouse, pachyrhizus, corn, pumpkin, fruit the farmhouse gust of the pure zoology that salad, vegetable salad waits a moment, green; Wine water includes: The white spirit of the wine of pure juice hill that makes oneself, nutrient preserve one's health that makes oneself, from the feral fruit juice of wine; In playing, include: Shake slow ball, mad DISCO, make up barbecue of bonfire of ground of ball, intercourse ball, snow, fireworks, self-help.
Facilities of the facilities inside garden area is all ready: Big in room of small KTV bag, big in small standard guest room is very all ready, still can ski, circle playing snow. Address: Covey of Dong Tiantai of iron of area of pool of Jilin city dragon Grab arrange a telephone call: 3906999Fax: 3904777