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Division of beer of the 2nd snowflake kicks off grandly
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Late on June 15, 2008, division of beer of snowflake of city of the 2nd Jilin is in beautiful preserved egg river bank square of the square before municipal government door is full-dress kick off.
Zhou Huachen of secretary of municipal Party committee of Jilin of the Communist Party of China announces beer division kicks off and illume snowflake mark, mayor Zhang Xiaopei and Cheng Wenfeng of vise general manager of group of beer of China embellish snowflake make a speech, beer of China embellish snowflake (Ji Hei) day of Yu Shu of area company general manager opens the first pail of beer, the opening ceremony is chaired by Wang Zhihou of deputy mayor of Jilin municipal government. Held evening party of large singing and dancing to set off fireworks subsequently.

"Snowflake " the brand flies fall Jiangchen is Hua Run the result that the group recombines company of former beer of Jilin city pine successfully. Come for years, this enterprise made outstanding contribution for Jiangchen economy, and snowflake wine culture also is in Jiangchen take root. Last year, the festival of beer of the first snowflake that Jilin municipal government sponsors is rolled out, got of Jiangchen common people chase after hold in both hands. Fine Xia Ye, numerous citizen Hu Peng calls out friend to emerge to the beer square of river bank, face wine wind, carouse to one's heart's content.

Tourism bureau was rolled out during beer division today lake of summerly preserved egg is recreational go vacationing 3 when swim classical circuitry, the tourist is noctivagant loose Jiang Zhonglu, tasted the fountain of music of snowflake beer, view, lamp that put a river to become " classical " medium " window " . The whole nation more than 100 the name is fastfood garrison beer square. The beer square this year increased 3 point than last year, in edge river two sides bank square of 4 place beer was set in all in water park, add up to 10 beer big canopy, can accommodate repast of 2000 much people.   

Will come on June 16 in loose Jiang Lu beer big canopy will hold beer contest on June 20. Have the special performance show such as ethical music, West music, popular music, classical music, rock and roll and lucky lottery at the appointed time.
Will come to will be in Jilin city on August 30 on June 1 organization of 4 beer square develops park of square of sail of street of loose Jiang Zhonglu, Henan, Changjiang Delta, new and high Ou Binjiang " the summer of the Songhua River " outdoor film. All-around the culture that the ground develops of a mass character and sports activity, in letting Jiangchen common people participate in an activity, come, experience festal joy. Every beer big canopy has big screen of a LED, citizens can be in beer big canopy inside carouse edge views and admire Olympic Games match.

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