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Division of beer of snowflake of city of the 2nd Jilin rich and colorful
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With " patriotic love city loves the home " the snowflake of city of the 2nd Jilin that gives priority to a problem beer division be about to on June 15, 2008, perform ceremoniously on August 31. Series theme activity and culture activity will be conducted during whole beer division.
Before municipal government door square will hold opening ceremony ceremony on June 15. Ceremonially has evening party of song and dance, fireworks and beer contest.
Will come on June 16 in loose Jiang Lu beer big canopy will hold beer contest on June 20. Have the special performance show such as ethical music, West music, popular music, classical music, rock and roll and lucky lottery at the appointed time.
Will come to will be in Jilin city on August 30 on June 1 organization of 4 beer square develops park of square of sail of street of loose Jiang Zhonglu, Henan, Changjiang Delta, new and high Ou Binjiang " the summer of the Songhua River " outdoor film. All-around the culture that the ground develops of a mass character and sports activity, in letting Jiangchen common people participate in an activity, come, experience festal joy.