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First Shu Lan drifts travel section kicks off
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On June 2, 2008, section of travel of float of first easy orchid and " the rising sun is seaborne the first village " practice celebration is in Shu Lan city new An Xianglong is held again.

This the section celebrates an activity to travel by city bureau, install country government newly to sponsor, bring country newly " the rising sun is seaborne the first village " undertake. The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of National People's Congress of Shu Lan municipal Party committee, municipal government, city, city is led, and city tourism bureau, irrigation works bureau, maritime do wait for a branch main leader attended an opening ceremony. The news media reporter such as bureau of wide report of center of municipal government information, town and come from and other places of city of river of Jilin city, 5 constant city, elm city, flood dragon delegate and tourist in all 10 thousand much person attended an opening ceremony. The section celebrated an activity to still invite auspicious to inspect the literary program that rustic play staff coachs and performed rich and colorful and love to see and hear, turn opening ceremony mood to the climax.

Huo Lun river is located in ministry of southeast of easy orchid city to install countryside churchyard newly adrift. Highway of the gold that be apart from flood dragon 1 kilometer, 40 kilometers of easy orchid city, 70 kilometers of Jilin city. Classics of Huo Lun river brings countryside whole area newly, cross-strait hill description is beautiful, the woods is thick, scene happy person, river water from time to time is rapid, from time to time is slow, it is destination of first-rate float travel, already accepted the favour of broad tourist.

"The rising sun is seaborne the first village " it is Huo Lun river one of 4 travel seaborne dots. "The rising sun is seaborne the first village " dissolve of as happy as farmhouse travel is an organic whole, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 25000 square metre, among them floor area 2400 square metre, set guest room, dining-room, parlor to wait, recieve ability 200 much people. "The rising sun is seaborne the first village " practice celebration, indicate city countryside travel already entered a Shu Lan to develop level newly.