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News of this net travel network member the team is built
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On June 24In the morning, our city each county (city) , the member that the area is in room and place to belong to news of basic unit network related bureau of tourism bureau, each travel company, city attends " news of network of whole town travel member conference of team construction work " guesthouse of travel is in city is held. This mark is worn news of network of website of Jilin city travel member the team is built formally.

The website of governmental travel portal that website of Jilin city travel is management of bureau of Jilin city tourism. The complete province that had the honor to win province tourism bureau to issue 2004 " optimal travel website " title, had the honor to win municipal government system 2007 " outstanding website " title. Go up again to advance travel informatization to build a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, widen channel of travel information source, raise travel information quality and newer rate, abound the information of the website, decide team of the member that establish travel network news, duty of job of the member that made travel network news and assessment reward method. On the meeting, director of center of information of city tourism bureau is mixed with respect to the classification of travel information, standard report business, the comrade that attends the meeting together undertook communicating; The collection to travel information, arranged the job to undertake decorating; Made duty and assessment award method seek an opinion with respect to staff of travel network news.

Zheng Jinfeng of deputy director general of city tourism bureau speaks

Ma Shuangfei of director of center of information of city tourism bureau communicates travel information to work
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