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2008 north are handed in can exhibit Jiangchen travel elegant demeanour
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Wang Min of secretary of provincial Party committee inspects Jilin city to exhibit a stage to arrange kind handclasp with director king heart

Fair of 2008 northward travel already delayed metropolis of autonomous prefecture of edge the Chaoxian nationality to delay auspicious city to fall satisfactorily at will be in on June 29 next heavy curtain. Height of bureau of Jilin city tourism takes seriously, serious organization, elaborate scheme, finished outstandingly ginseng exhibit, sales promotion task, got remarkable result. Be on sale this also can create our city ginseng to exhibit number, ginseng to exhibit dimensions, advertisement to throw most, the develop a school of one's own in the unit is exhibited in all ginseng, to look around, the guest of palaver left deep impression. The leader such as Han Changfu of Wang Min of secretary of provincial Party committee, governor is when house of make one's rounds, be attracted by place of content of means of the style exhibiting a stage of the our city, sales promotion, conduct propaganda, stop for long before the our city exhibits a stage appreciation, director Wang Deshun is detailed white birch of pasture of cereal of red autumnal leaves of river of lake of field of ski of lake of the mist Song that to the province main leader introduced an our city, Beijing University, preserved egg, flood dragon, birch forest wait for characteristic travel resource, the hair that reported our city tourism develops form.

One, ginseng exhibit dimensions and of the investment that exhibit a stage most

The county outside organization of bureau of Jilin city tourism (city) 150 much people join tourism bureau and company of whole town travel north is handed in meeting, created Fair of all previous travel to join those who extend a number most. Buy 20 standards to exhibit, install the face that exhibit a stage to accumulate 180 square metre especially, the investment that exhibit a stage is most, the whole modelling that exhibit a stage novel, design is unique, do not have distinguishing feature, very conspicuous in exhibiting an area.

2, news conduct propaganda reports most
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