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Construction of project of our city travel is exhibited in the round
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Enter in July, construction of project of our city travel spreads out in the round, original add builds travel project one by one to near end, build travel project to fighting bravely day and night intensify construction, walk into construction building site, skip of mixer, carry, elevator all sorts of project machine voice are ceaseless, labour comes to in full swing alive since people doing. According to the beginning of the year each project plans, current, everything goes well.

One, construction of project of cableway of passenger transport of the hill that play a way. Mechanical installation ends entirely, distribution facilities construction is finishing, complete of project of cableway main body, current, building the house that press a station in construction.

2, river of flood dragon of long Hui high speed serves travel of village of Ou Qingling live fish to go vacationing area construction. Current, the project of main body of live fish village of 13 thousand square metre has entered floor area end, infrastructure, form a complete set serves establishment construction to undertaking. Integral project will in August end complete.

3, Su Er breaths out lake bay to go vacationing construction of area base project. Current, bathhouse of recreational activities square, parking lot, beach is being built, dock construction enters end period, by the government contributive " date of flood dragon river " yacht in July the first ten days of a month transfers this to go vacationing the area is devoted use, this yacht but one-time contain 300 visitors, it is current on water area of preserved egg lake one of large yacht.

4, guesthouse of 4 stars class builds big public house of center of trade of nation of new developed area of flood dragon river and red autumnal leaves to intensifying construction.

5, fishing port of loose Jiang Ailin goes vacationing complete of area construction project, should go vacationing the area begins to prepare to construct from 2007, always invest more than yuan 600, go vacationing region market yacht, go angling, meal, accommodation with an organic whole, can begin a beach to wash bath, hold bonfire evening party, accommodation has nearly 200 pieces of bed. Current, develop formally to tourist everyday tourist in an endless stream.