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Outside citizen live abroad appoint with city tourism bureau composition makes a
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On July 9, city National People's Congress outside civilian live abroad appoint the group such as Zheng Jinfeng of deputy director general of bureau of tourism of Huang Yongcai of committee member of Jing Guang of chairman committee member, vice director, city 5 people, to Changchun developing zone of only period aid inspects the experience of the respect such as protection of study scene area, development and management.

Area of area of developing zone of aid of Changchun only period 478.7 square kilometer, establish a town administer jade pool, new lake, newly town of 3 whole organizational system, only month, always promote forest of country of two street agency and only month pool to establish a town park, newly garden of culture of museum of full palace of reservoir, bogus, car, often live population 146 thousand person. Developing zone 3 be faced with annulus of water, all sides forest, gross area of the Lin Shui inside area 243 square kilometer. With developing zoology environmental protection economy is mixed raise area comprehensive strength to be a center in the round, the modes of life and relation to their environment of Changchun southeast ministry that exert oneself builds economy, society and population, environment, resource to coordinate development is new city.

Developing zone of Changchun only month is mixed in scene area protection, development the experience that manages a respect to worth while study and a lot of is draw lessons from.

It is system of management of innovation scene division and mechanism. Become clean in the past management of bull of area of lunar pool scene, each does things in his own way for present centralized management. Established developing zone of aid of Changchun only period to be in charge of 1995 appoint meeting, the responsibility limits of authority such as the program inside museum of full palace of city of century of park of forest of country of pool of will only month, lasting vague impression, bogus and area, forestry, land, irrigation works, environmental protection put under developing zone is in charge of appoint can centralized management. System ran, the mechanism lived, rate of scene area development is rapid. A few years short, scene area produced the change of world-shaking.
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