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Start first-class travel city, exhibit style and features of birch pasture trave
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2008 is it is birch pasture founds assault fortified positions of city of Chinese first-class travel year. Birch pasture municipal government seizes this opportunity closely, build strictly according to the standard that establish, tourism infrastructure and service function are perfect with each passing day. So far, investment of whole town accumulative total builds capital 340 million yuan, build travel road 16314 kilometers, built south 49 keys such as area of scene of lake of area of area of scene of class of Lou Shan AAA, Gong Shihu scene, white hill travel project. Development " farmhouse is happy " door of course of study 2 the home, travel agent divide 18 the home, travel agent company 5, judge guesthouse of class giving a bit 6, appoint travel product shop 10, whole town installs shop sign of label of more than 50 travel in all.

Birch pasture city is located in Jilin to visit southeast department, repose in China one of 10 names hill below long white foot of a hill, beautiful Songhua River upper reaches, area of the area of a country's territory 6624 square kilometer, total population 450 thousand, was decided to be medium city by Jilin province government in March 2001. Ever was awarded " Chinese farmer draws country " , " the countryside of Chinese wushu " title, element has " country of the gold below long Bai Shan " with " the first lake " beautiful praise. Birch pasture city put forward to establish town of Chinese first-class travel 2006, through effort of a few years, declared hill of cause big chicken, Gong Shi park of two countries forest, become complete province to have the prefectural class city of park of two countries forest exclusively. Obtained south Lou Shan " AAA " class scene area, " demonstrative dot of countrywide industry travel " -- Bai Shan power plant, " Chinese gold the first mine " -- mine of gold of the channel that place a skin, " China grows Bai Shanlin frog " wait for a brand. Formed cause area of scene of forest of area of park of park of forest of country of big chicken hill, forest of Home Gong Shiguo and area of scene of white hill lake, Gong Shihu scene, birch, south Lou Shanjing area, . Birch pasture is old quarter of a revolution, yang Jingyu of famous hero of the folk that fight day, Wei Zheng civilian ever fought for a long time hereat, more than 100 place fight couplet vestigial, provincial Party committee of Jilin of the Communist Party of China allow secretary of provincial Party committee, fight couplet all the way army generation commander-in-chief, politics appoint Wei Zheng civilian places leather channel to press down in birch pasture city with respect to die for one's country, because this birch pasture has a batch of natural landscape that have charm alone and humanitarian landscape.
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