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Teleplay is prosperous the mountain that insert a tree
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As teleplay " the mountain that insert a tree " broadcast one set in CCTV hind, this quiet little village produced the change of world-shaking. Teleplay of their have the aid of heats up sowed chance, develop farmhouse happy tourism.

Teleplay is prosperous village of temple of the Dragon King more the name cultivates mountain village to insert. A teleplay " the mountain that insert a tree " the destiny that changed whole village. "The ox gets water dining room " , " magpie restaurant " , " meal of Xi Fenlian the daily life of a family " , " banquet of Home Ma Baimo " ... " the mountain that insert a tree " the main character all in drama turned farmhouse restaurant inn into the name, still deserve to go up classical stage photo.

Speak of the change of village of the mountain that insert a tree, village director Gao Chenglu says, "The village is dirty, random, poor before, average per capita 1 mu 4 distribute land, went seminal chemical fertilizer, net income of average per capita also 1000 multivariate. 3 years ago, by judge in the province for impoverished village. " classics " the mountain that insert a tree " after CCTV heat is sowed, leader of government of city, town drives the village to do farmhouse happy travel, outside dividing inn of serve a meal, other villager is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, thin pancake made of millet flour of jujube selling a circle, rice sticking bud, booth, dry bean curd coils potherb of green, hill, every family expands travel economy. Last year " 11 golden weeks " , visitor of and other places of tourist Shandong, Dalian, Qingdao, Heilongjiang is welcomed in all on the village 10 thousand much person-time (do not include to come loose guest) , farming by-product income increases restaurant income nearly 600 thousand yuan, became comparatively well-off village. Now, the farmer of management farmhouse happy restaurant has 15, the village still held water to insert company of the travel that establish mountain range, already developed tourist attraction of 10 place travel and project. As today the arrival of summerly travel busy season, the interpret of tourist sth resembling a net that will plug tree mountain range everyday is incessant.