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Province tourism bureau checks strong county of birch pasture travel to found th
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On August 19, 2008, 20 days, code of policy of province tourism bureau is in He Baiping section chief to take a team to check travel strong county to found the job to birch pasture city. In birch pasture city city of pasture of Sun Quanren of standing deputy mayor, birch travels of bureau director Li Yana accompany below, checked construction of town of birch pasture city and project of area of scene of white hill lake to build progress case.

Team of inspection of province tourism bureau inspected guesthouse of world of gold of go angling field, east of Shanhaiguan, travel, cate early or late a street, shop the main travel tourist attraction such as area of scene of travel of park of forest of country of park of a street, Jin Cheng, Gongshi and white hill lake, , listened to Sun Quanren of standing deputy mayor of birch pasture city in detail " the report that founds travel strong county about birch pasture city " . Team of inspection of province tourism bureau takes travel estate development seriously to birch pasture city, advance travel actively to strong county is built and be contended for achieve work of town of Chinese first-class travel to offer sufficient affirmation, emphasize: Want to improve knowledge further, aggrandizement measure, strengthen a leadership, want to increase devoted strength, much channel raises money construction financing, cogent project of travel of a few keys places a birch pasture more prominent place, form development pool efforts, the abidance that promotes industry of travel of birch pasture city develops quickly, accelerate construction of strong county of birch pasture travel.