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Group of expert of national tourism bureau comes Jilin city make an on-the-spot
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The nation that a 12 people such as Shi Peihua of assistant dean of academy of travel of Cheng Wendong of deputy director general of bureau of former state tourism, China comprise travels bureau expert group will come on September 5 the our city undertook survey. Expert group is right the scene area such as museum of lake of cereal of red autumnal leaves of river of our city flood dragon, preserved egg, aerolite (dot) undertook making an on-the-spot investigation and have an informal discussion.
Group of expert of bureau of this country tourism inspects survey to my province, it is Jilin province the serious content that Shao Qi of vice-governor of old Wei root and national tourism bureau Director Wei talks, also be the component that is about to hold Jilin to save travel industry congress, the development that saves tourism to Jilin better is felt pulse, strengthen Jilin to save the collaboration of government and national tourism bureau further, joint plan Jilin saves the development blue print of tourism. Expert group learns academy of travel of as postdoctoral as resource institute, China by science department of ground of the Chinese Academy of Sciences composition of postdoctoral, doctor, to resource of the traffic situation of the our city, travel the ode is put, the circumstance such as collaboration of construction of passenger source market, zoology, international undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation, offer investigation report.
Wang Deshun of director of bureau of Cheng Baoying of assistant of mayor of city of Wang Shiyang of deputy director general of bureau of Jilin province tourism, Jilin, tourism is accompanied make an on-the-spot investigation.