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Travel of holiday of 11 golden weeks is summed up
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2008 11 golden weeks, it is the 2nd golden week after system of our country golden week is reformed. The height in municipal Party committee, municipal government takes seriously and right leader falls, below the direct director that manages in country and province holiday, 11 golden weeks of our city travel each job deploy is capable, harmonious and orderly, fulfil reach the designated position, move smoothly, golden week travel came true on the whole " safe, order, quality, benefit " 4 unified targets.

One, travel of 11 gold city helping somebody attain his aim is recieved and income circumstance

Via city statistic of travel of tourism bureau holiday is forecasted, sampling investigation of province tourism bureau, province statistic bureau and collect show: This year 11 golden weeks, whole town welcomes tourist in all 692 thousand person-time, grow 28.05% compared to the same period; Implementation travel income 217 million yuan, grow 36.74% compared to the same period. Hotel guest room enters astral class on average to lead for 51.06% .

2, job of travel of golden week holiday runs a condition

(one) strengthen a leadership, organize work of 11 holidays travel seriously. City holiday does to coordinate the meeting according to time of department of countrywide holiday travel " good about doing the announcement that travel of holiday of 11 golden weeks worked 2008 " requirement and " safe, order, quality, benefit " 4 unified targets, elaborate organization, careful arrangement, fulfil responsibility, strengthen harmonious, start holiday travel quickly to coordinate a mechanism, be coordinated as a whole and solid each preparation that has made 11 holidays travel works. Be aimed at the characteristic that heat of market of 11 holidays travel centers, perfect synergic mechanism, on the basis that becoming very safe service, quality service, news service, provide more public services for tourist, raise a holiday public service level. Municipal government height takes seriously do work of good golden week, to the holiday travel safety and market order job have on-the-spot deploy and examination, departmental door be put in charge heads the government take the lead, with etc to festal market each job undertook be checked seriously and be supervisoried. Begin in order for what travel of golden week holiday works provided constituent safeguard.
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