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Snowflake beer division reaps rich
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With " home of city of patriotic, love, love " the snowflake of city of the 2nd Jilin that gives priority to a problem beer division, achieved a government to take a stand, enterprise act in an opera, publicize company product, reveal company culture, make the goal of company brand. During beer division, beer big canopy welcomes visitor in all 30 more than person-time, sale snowflake beer 400 tons.

Was to show urban image adequately. Division of current snowflake beer engineers evening party of special subject of 49 folks music, West music and square culture activity in all, style is pure and fresh and decorous, showed level of art of our city culture and actual strength, attract each district guest and all circles masses close tens of 10 thousand person-time are watched, promoted Jilin city greatly external consequence and famous degree.
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