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Discharge of guest of travel of 11 golden weeks starts birch pasture city the hi
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Close battalion of eaves of Yangjing of park of forest of Home Gong Shiguo

This year " 11 " the golden week, number of travel of birch pasture city achieves the history new tall, according to statistic, "11 " area of each situation of golden week whole town (dot) welcome visitor in all 93 thousand person-time, grow 52.26% compared to the same period; Implementation travel income 27.9 million yuan, grow 75.69% compared to the same period.

This year " 11 " during, I was held photograph fall contest of collect folk songs, at the same time with " admire birch, Guan Feng, You Hu, see Song, taste frog, go angling " the Chinese • that gives priority to a problem birch pasture work of series of section of the 3rd white birch is perforative and whole the golden week, attracted a large number of domestic and international tourists, what promoted an our city effectively is famous spend and consequence, help the development that used relevant property. As we have learned, to view and admire lake of park of forest of Home Gong Shiguo and Gong Shihu, white hill fall beautiful scenery, the our city will greet the visitor that 2 groups of Hong Kong come to on September 28. This year, because the country was done to off time,adjust, "11 " become exclusive travel to grow a holiday, the person of go on a journey is particularly so much, area of each old hotel, travel agent, scene (dot) recieve a quantity far outclass in former years. Only park of forest of Home Gong Shiguo and area of scene of white hill lake welcome a visitor nearly 50 thousand person, achieve all previous Shixin is tall in recent years.

Autumn You Hu

This year " 11 " during, work to ensure golden week holiday travels restful and great advantage, municipal Party committee, municipal government and tourism bureau made safety defend measure, to each scene area the dot strengthens safe examination, of all kinds serious especially big accident produces determined keep within limits, public security, industrial and commercial, prices, quality supervises those who wait for a branch to strengthen holiday travel market further to control government, rectify and order of normative travel market, begin execute the law examination, blow all sorts of manage action illegally, during whole golden week, happen without a safe accident, .
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