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First China International Tourism Fair preparations in full swing Jinsha River
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• China's first water-rich rocks in the Jinsha Cultural Tourism Expo International 2010, October 23 to November 3 in the water-rich Maple Leaf at the International Trade City. October 19, walked into the water-rich Maple Leaf International Trade, see the gallery here A heavy stone Expo preparation team of staff are busy with preparations for the Expo Stones tour, the exhibition hall building exterior cleaning work in progress, has clearly bright and clean, exceptionally bright. Busy all booth staff Lu was placed exhibits; Guangxi, Shandong, exhibitors have come to a good cloth hall exhibits. Fair intense preparations for an orderly manner. Fair Office, told reporters Bin Fu Xiao said: The "Expo" exhibition covers all kinds of ornamental stone, jade jewelry, antiques and paintings, root carving, folk handicrafts. Nearly 10,000 square meters exhibition area, the main Exhibition set up in the water-rich Maple Leaf International Trade Chengerlou, refined hall with 1500 square meters exhibition hall of 3,500 square meters; the first floor has 5,200 square meters exhibition hall booth 250. Exhibition floor, wall decoration and fire, water, electricity and other facilities Installation have been completed, stand, exhibition has been produced is completed, some of the exhibits are in place. Kistler kept busy Xiangjiaba Association, Expo Organizing Committee Qinxi Liang said: Fine Hall 750 may display rocks, part antique display rack, stand, display rack, with the ancient and modern, make this "Fair" Grade to the next higher grade; exhibition hall exhibition of more than 350 points 6 booths, each booth is equipped with a booth, display rack, socket, easy to merchants to use. Glass doors on the second floor of 100 shops, as jewelry, jade, and the people Family folk art exhibition, decoration has been completed. Most shops are 40 square meters, the smallest shops have 12 square meters. Qinxi Liang said: In recent days a large number of businesses will come into the show every day, very busy. To the first floor hall, I see from the large fossil exhibitors Guangxi, Wei boss has his own well-arranged exhibits, he is strangely shaped rocks in the Dayou busy wetting, so that show stone look more shiny, shiny degree . Dazzling array of shapes and sizes filled the galleries of exhibits. About 2 tons of various rocks in the exhibit show here enjoy the great fossil Guangxi famous style. Shandong merchants to have exhibits will be about 20 square meters of showroom full of mercy Full, all the different types of stone and splendor. Water-rich rocks and stones Association fans are gong forward to his collection of sheets each have their own style of stone delivered to the exhibition hall, exhibition hall and then select the appropriate. Shi Yue Secret History Fair planning manager, said the stone expo large scale, high grade, more than 20 exhibitors from domestic provinces, municipalities and foreign stone merchants, all kinds of rocks on the million fine. Rocks in the meeting, participants will rocks The awards program, visit the stone in the opening day will be drawing the masses, all kinds of colorful activities will produce the winner, which is the province rocks and stones fans and players to provide the Stones good A good opportunity. Yue said: Stones in the domestic sector by common standards of "quality, shape, color, pattern, rhyme," to evaluate the water-rich rocks highlight the forceful Jinsha River, the spectacular beauty of temperament and quaint, with its good quality, colorful, shape must, considerable Can enjoy, readable, can be hidden, this exposition will become the province rocks stone collectors and enthusiasts from around the world a Stones feast.