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Beijing to promote winter tourism in Jilin Week
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Beijing sunny Saturday, and Wangfujing Commercial Street is "flying snow": Raising the artificial snow machine, "the sky snow", so shopping ahead of the Beijing people to experience the "Jilin winter" views. Sponsored by the provincial government, Provincial Tourism Bureau hosted the "snow" as the theme of the Beijing Tourism Awareness Week in Jilin Province in winter opening ceremony today in Beijing Wangfujing Street lively opening. Chen Wei, deputy governor of the root at the opening ceremony. Zhu, deputy director of China National Tourism Administration Shan Zhong, Deputy Secretary-General Anyang Iron and Steel in Beijing to attend the opening ceremony. Chan Wai-roots enthusiasm, pride speech, shows the residents in Beijing, Jilin winter snow picture. He cordially invited to Beijing to Jilin celebration for visitors to fully experience the snowman, pumping ice monkey, visiting the temple, setting off firecrackers , The annual custom products festive dinner atmosphere, enjoy the unique charm of winter tourism in Jilin Province. Zhu Shanzhong success of the Publicity Week of congratulations. He said the publicity week on further promote tourism exchanges between Beijing Ji, expanding tourism market in Beijing, Jilin, the impact has far-reaching significance. As the National Tourism Bureau Past to support a variety of festive events organized by the tourism industry of Jilin, Jilin support the development of tourism. Deputy Secretary-General Anyang Iron and Steel in Beijing, said although Beijing and Jilin, hundreds of miles apart, but the two sides in tourism resources, markets, and information have great room for cooperation. Beijing municipal government will adopt a variety of ways to promote tourism Jilin Resources to promote tourism between Beijing guitar better and faster development. Beijing, Jilin Tourism Week Awareness Week activities are an important part. Tourism Week, held in Jilin province's tourism delegation of administrative cadres training, project promotion tour in Jilin Province, Jilin Province in winter tourism promotion And other activities. Activities "to Jilin to go skiing," "A celebration to Jilin" is the theme promotion by local characteristics, Jilin style interactive experience, tourism promotion display, etc., efforts to promote winter Changbai Mountain, Jilin Lin rime, winter fishing and winter tourism in northeastern Jilin Province, folk and other major feature of the brand and the snow 7 A celebration tour, tours, etc. to reproduce the original number of new winter tourist routes and products. And tourism promotion in the winter at the hearing, the Provincial Tourism Administration and Sohu New Media Information Technology Co., Ltd., Development and Construction Group and the Changbai Mountain CITS, CYTS Holdings, the Beijing Shenzhou International Travel Service Group Co., Ltd., 3 Brigade Xingshe, Changchun Film Century City Limited and Beijing Shenzhou International Travel Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Jilin Rime travel agencies and executive general manager CYTS holding thousands of train Jilin Tian Ling New Year ahead to sign cooperation agreement Proposal. Meanwhile, the Provincial Tourism Bureau CITS, China Travel Service Head Office and other 10 travel grants of the "Top Ten contributions Jilin travel tourism market" signs.