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UK tourism is the time: the essence of the corner more exciting over and over
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British Airways (British Airways) and the British Tourist Authority (VisitBritain) today announced the launch of the joint to spend 1.6 million pounds of promotional activities: "Britain - the essence of the corner over and over even more exciting" (Britain. A different picture around every corner). This promotion has been officially launched on the Internet. Its purpose is to introduce visitors to the UK's diverse tourism resources and provide convenient services to British Airways. The contents of this campaign unique, creative, trying to show the beautiful scenery around the UK, exciting activities and unique experience, it should be stressed that the UK has many world-class cultural heritage and historical sites, and this is unmatched by many other countries The. UK tourist attractions also highlighted the "emotional appeal" and features close to nature, which in the past have been wrongly seen as specially the lack of any other tourist destination romantic. The idea is to focus on promotional activities across the UK showing the diversity of all kinds of attractions. British Tourist Authority to design a distinctive fusion of the British flag in the camera "mode dial," you can rotate "mode dial" to experience the colorful one by one British tourist products, all views are brought to life in your eyes. Whether your vacation was designed to enjoy the various cultural heritage, experience the charm of sports and fashion, or enjoy a variety of food, the United Kingdom can provide you with unique and memorable experience, everything waiting for you to explore, enjoy, and where you can find many of the film to capture the beautiful scenery. In line with this campaign, British Airways launch special deal: between now and December 2010 10 period, order March 31, 2011 from Beijing or Shanghai from London, England, World Traveller (economy class) ticket, only RMB 3,980 yuan. British Airways British Mak Cheung, general manager of East Asia (Kevin McQuillan), said: "We are very pleased to join hands with the British Tourist Board launched the activity. No matter what you need to leave, the United Kingdom will meet your needs. Your England Tour begins at British Airways, now offer ticket prices that are now not scheduled when you have to wait. British Airways is a full service airline routes, and its network covers all major airports worldwide. Our flight arrived in London fixed time. I take flight, you will experience the fifth terminal (Terminal 5) of the quick service, but can also turn to the six destinations in the United Kingdom. " British Tourist Authority and the Hong Kong Region China Post money manager, said: "The launch of 'Classic British' (Classic Britain) activities, we are pleased to be British Airways, our main partners. Britain is the world's most multicultural one of the countries, this event will bring more income the UK and business opportunities. Our partnership will further enhance the image of the United Kingdom in the public mind, which ultimately will increase the number of tourists to Britain. "" We will attract people to produce an imaginative, encouraging them to take a British Airways flight to the UK adventure. " Compared with 2009, 2010, showing growth of Chinese tourism market, it is in this environment, under the cooperation of the two companies came into being. Chinese tourists this year, a significant increase in the number of UK tourism. As of October 2010, the Chinese visa in the UK visit visa categories (including the ADS group tours and individual visitor visa) than the same period in 2009, an increase of 80%, 23% growth in business visas. By April 2010 although the impact of volcanic eruptions in Iceland, but in 2010 China is likely to become the UK so far the highest number of visitors a year. This is China's steady economic growth, strengthen the confidence of consumers to buy and exchange rate changes and other factors are inseparable. According to the British Tourism Authority statistics, in the next four years, China will increase the number of UK tourism 89% (an increase of 10 million).