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Autonomous regions to stop public funds abroad (outbound) tourism special insp
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November 26, by the Foreign Affairs Office Deputy Director Li Yanqing Autonomous Region led the suppression of public funds abroad (outbound) tourism special inspection team came to my work league to going abroad in 2010 (Habitat) and the suppression of public funds abroad (Habitat) conducted a tourism inspection, and heard Union Foreign Affairs Office of the Administrative Office reports. Administrative Office Deputy Secretary-General Tin Tigers hosted briefing. Check the group listened attentively to the Arab League in 2010 because of the public leaving the country (territory) of the report, on the Arab League to stop public funds abroad (border) tourism, and fully affirmed. Administrative Office attaches great importance to foreign affairs that has taken practical measures to stop the public funds abroad (outbound) tourism phenomenon. First three quarters of the region required for comprehensive public abroad (Habitat) people rebounded trend, and carefully arrange the work of the fourth quarter. Strict control of going abroad (Habitat) people. And suggested that, in future work abroad as far as possible before staff visits foreign law, emergency disposal capacity, foreign affairs discipline and etiquette training. The inspection of the Arab League to stop the future of public funds abroad (Habitat) travel and going abroad (Habitat) has a very strong significance and great impetus.