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Economic growth driven the rapid development of online tourism
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With the civil aviation industry and the sustainable development of the tourism industry, the rapid take-off online travel industry has been more and more attention. Recently, the largest Chinese online travel site where to network (qunar.com) sponsored "Forum on online travel trends", the participating experts agreed that the economic boom of the environment, civil aviation and tourism will continue to develop, with the The depth of Internet applications and Chinese tourism, the aviation industry matures, online travel will usher in a new round of rapid expansion. China Air Transport Association, the Ministry of Government Affairs and Culture Minister Wang Weibin, Dr. Yang Yanfeng China Tourism Research Institute and the Beijing Second Foreign Language University of New Tourism Management Professor Li from the aviation industry and the tourism industry to participate in the government and the Forum. Guests generally considered: in China, strong economic development, civil aviation industry after the 2008 financial crisis and a series of policy adjustments, beginning in 2009 continued to triumph. Data show that only Chinese nationals by air 0.14 per person per year times, while the Americans are 2.6 times the difference between the two countries nearly 18 times ... ... the next few years indicates that the development of Civil Aviation of China has a huge market space. From the tourism point of view, the State Council "to speed up the tourism industry on" the introduction of further laid the national tourism policy as the basis of the tourism market, and tourism will become a strategic pillar industries. Now, the global tourism development depends on Asia, especially China, the development of tourism, according to the Institute of Chinese tourism research data predicts that by 2011 China's tourism industry can achieve more than 4% growth, reaching the World Tourism Organization, the number of overall growth. Online travel as a platform to promote the rapid development of the tourism industry, one of the aviation industry, the tourism industry's online market has had an important influence, and the rapid development of civil aviation and tourism will drive the online travel market is also rapidly expanding market influence. IResearch the authority of the data show that in 2009 China's online travel booking market size reached 3.89 billion yuan revenue, an increase of 32.3%; expected in 2010 will reach 4.75 billion yuan, an increase of 27%. The face of the rapid growth of online travel and development, where to network president and co-founder of Chen Chao Zhuang two countries in the analysis of the online travel market on the basis that China's online travel market will be driven by economic development continues to expand, "from the U.S. online travel market development process, can be predicted that online travel in China over the next decade will be a huge room for growth. Even in the U.S. online market, a high degree of saturation, there are still a lot of new growth of the brand was born to prove that this market innovation and development of space is very impressive. "