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Travel Postcard: 48 hours tour of Rome
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Want to go to Rome to play two days? The city has many ancient relics, the most experienced travelers can make amazing. Italy often say "See of Rome, a lifetime is not enough." Indeed, to give visitors of Rome is such a rich experience. But be careful, for the tourists, but the heart of Rome "trap" clouds. Heated in a microwave pasta, tacky T-shirts and aprons ... ... not very kind of products can be described as dazzling, so be careful that the menu specifically designed for tourists, or overzealous restaurant hospitality. And remember, the only way through the street of Rome, is the courage to take big strides forward. Do not expect you to be patient before the crosswalk when a car or motorcycle to slow down and let you pass. Below, please Reuters "Local Link" reporters with you all the fun Rome. Friday 7 pm - to the hotel after check in, go around the city center. Kuilinale from the presidential palace where the Palace (Piazza del Quirinale) started, and then along a winding road, to the Trevi Fountain (Trevi). Then climb the Spanish Steps (Spanish Steps) the highest point, enjoy the romantic views of Rome. 8:00 - Tiana Road to Farah (Via Frattina) platinum bars, where the Roman traditional cuisine, such as tomato bacon pasta. And Italy, unlike many other places, where the price is reasonable, not so many tourists. After dinner, you can go to flower square (Campo dei Fiori) near the bar a drink. Saturday 10 am - in the famous ancient Greek Cafe (Antico Caffe Greco) a cup of cappuccino, eating a croissant. The store is located Condotti Street (Via dei Condotti), where there are some very luxurious shops. 11 points - more than the Vatican's tourists may start up, you better along Concord Road (Via Della Conciliazione) has to go, so that you can also visit St. Peter's Cathedral (St Peter's Basilica) of the complete style.