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Alien reached area of east of Shanhaiguan, when seeing a big small-bowled long-stemmed pipe is held on old girl mouth, can feel very amazed. In east of Shanhaiguan, old girl points to the girl that does not have move into one's husband's household upon marriage commonly. Why can old girl hold opium bag? Still let us have a look at the life of person of east of Shanhaiguan. Every arrive Chun Xia season, a verdure, that is a home plant " smoke of east of Shanhaiguan " cigarette young plant. Every arrive deep autumn, in courtyard of wife and children of farming of east of Shanhaiguan golden, that is a home basking in tobacco leaf. At this moment, drifting in wind blast of a tobacco strange sweet. Arrived severe winter, on the warmer end of kang of other people of warm east of Shanhaiguan, old people laughs mew ground to sit together, smoking cigarette of east of Shanhaiguan. Wear green gown head to wear a flower, arrive to often be bound the little face Huang Youzi that plunges into; to strap again, written guarantee with charcoal fire only relatives by marriage. Be in folk of east of Shanhaiguan, this is adult child's familiar riddle (folk cries " guess frowsty " ) , and answer to a riddle is " smoke " . Smoke has defend the snake, action that defends a mosquito. Area of inchoate long Bai Shan, the every nationality that comes for development first civilian reach in Dashanli pan, rafting, dig ginseng, chasing people, work the smoking when go to bed, spat aerosol can make serpent is fear of, dare not stand by a person. In the meantime, black sticky substance of small-bowled long-stemmed pipe -- accumulate those who be put in smoke lever and pipe bowl one kind " cream " , also can give off intense odour, make serpent is heard and give birth to Wei. This helped the person in hill greatly, virtually requirement must be met into the person of hill smoking. In " into grass " before (enter the operation in old forest) , people wipes a foxy old hand of small-bowled long-stemmed pipe on leg cloth belt even, in case the snake is bitten. In the meantime, cigarette ash still is a kind of folk's commonly used hemostatic medicine. Work in old forest, in case sufferred traumatic, people holds a bit cigarette ash to wipe with respect to conveniently on, already antiseptic hemostatic. Dig the person of ginseng, more cannot leave smoke. Discovered ginseng every time, the gangmaster cries " strike a light piles " , " the smoke that nod midge " . At this moment, dozens small (young fellow) should light a cigarette to the gangmaster, let a gangmaster holding an edge to dig an edge to smoke. Dozens small are in give gangmaster fan fan aside. Wind blows smoke, smoke flavour waves medicinal powder in the gangmaster all round, mosquito dare not bite, the gangmaster goes attentively " carry ginseng (dig ginseng) . Beautiful foot mosquito of Dashanli is very much very fierce, fool with the hand drive fool come nevertheless, only useful smoke will drive. Northeastern, the snow in the winter is very big, weather is very cold. The person of v/arc trade association often stays in big house of house of cart inn, gangmaster, work shed, ground child, cellar child, beggar room, run the place such as hired thug shack " feline winter " . Wintry night is cold endless. What does people work? Smoke. Smoking is a kind " livelihood " . Groups of big edge smokes edge Lao, the time with that boundless long night, doleful fritter away... such, smoke and knot of person of east of Shanhaiguan issued deep friendship. V/arc trade association goes out, chase get mountain, those who drive cart is outer, smoking can remove again a bit chill, bake the hand that bake, warm warm mouth incidentally. Smoke is in east of Shanhaiguan, already spread all over every family. In the articles of tribute that gives a royal or imperial government every year, include classy " Huang Yan " , this is the matter that makes yellow smoke of east of Shanhaiguan be cultivated in great quantities. The special local product of one's early years of east of Shanhaiguan, basically be soja, lumber, tobacco leaf and hemp. According to " Jilin is topographic " carry: In east of Shanhaiguan, smoke is the essential products that is next to lumber, soja, say in common " south gully " birch pasture and honest are changed, flood dragon river, honest spends north, specified amount solemn and other places, producing smoke is most. Tobacco leaf of east of Shanhaiguan has distinctive sweet smell, very suffer outback common people love. Tobacco leaf of the east of Shanhaiguan when bright Qing Dynasty with respect to inland of transportation and sale, year volume has 1 million jins or so.

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