The vehicle that suits to walk on road of ice and snow -- sledge
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Northeast winter is endless, a lot of areas have the time ice and snow of 34 months every year to enclothe the earth. Await a characteristic to get used to this stretch, the vehicle that people hair palpability suits to walk on road of ice and snow -- sledge. Sledge also is composed " sledge " or cry " gather up lever " , full language is called " law La " , it is to evening at the beginning of clear generation year already appeared namely. Its are made simpler. With two one a unit of length how long good miscellaneous wood pole, front is roast if the turn is arched up cock, make thill child, hind wear board trunk for wood, sit person or loading. If be taken for the person only, still can build sail to block wind drive cold. The figure of sledge is similar ski, the thill head that becomes warped on can reduce resistance, the one side that two lever stick the ground is chopped cut very glossily, the travel of road of ice and snow that slipping forcedly again, so need not too big traction can fast before row, even more convenient than the car. "Sledge " because its resemble,this one name should be of farmland plow bastinado, need not wheel can stick the ground to walk, and " climb " about the same and get a name, really also very figure. Qing Dynasty of no less than describes in article of poem of acting Qianlong emperor " be like a car to not have annulus, be like couch to not have sufficient, fu banquet is like quilt, bring a rope to be like drive, in benefit travel ice and snow. " this kind of vehicle can servantchoose a person for a job already pull, can use horse, Niu La again, what have a characteristic more is useful still a few dogs pull " dog sledge " , the core when running as a result of the dog is small, suit to pull this kind to do not have wheel very much " car " , although sit 3 on two people, run quite fast also. In addition, return the sledge that useful reindeer pulls. The certain tribe that Heilongjiang calls the area at the beginning of Qing Dynasty is " make canine ministry " and " make cervine ministry " , namely from this and come. This kind makes convenient and simple and easy, practical vehicle, northeastern in the past winter is used very generally. With it load pull can install hundreds of jins, pull a person to take 35 unchallenged also, wait because of lumber of area of this winter mountain forest, commissariat, fur carry a thoroughfare road to enclothe ice and snow to perhaps pass freezing Jiang He, can take on by sledge carry carry a person to be able to be used for oneself already, also can go to the lavatory associate with guest. If use hale horses drawing, one day can run 200 lis of roads. So, although be in,already had the time of railroad, highway transportation, sledge still goes to the lavatory with it, the characteristic surrive with agile, production easy maintenance. Clear generation answers northeast to pay homage to Qianlong emperor of Zu Ling, to birthplace this is planted distinctive carriage tool is very admiring, be made in its: " wind of earth flourishing Beijing is miscellaneous chant " , " Jilin earth wind is miscellaneous chant " sledge is involved in two groups of poems. Among them a poem says: "Wear wood to apply box to not pass character, send Yao to draw great profit person much. Glacial day is fond of a travel calm oneself, yue E of snow mountain He Chouyue. Courser flies swiftly upward to try hard slippery, old ox is slowgoing not hamper Cuo. China Xuan Cheng has round of thill to act the role of, the person nots the Nai when commonplace if why " . So, northeast a few common people say, sledge this is ordinary " earth enjoys art " , it is to had sufferred however in those days " emperor is sealed " !
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