Northeast folkway: The happy event of upper beam
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In Chinese northward countryside, chongqing of popular grand of bridal chamber of a kind of lid wishs to go up the ancient custom of crossbeam. Liaoning visits village of channel of gold of iron mountain city, up to now still very be current, whenever spring this ceremony is most common, the house that builds newly is basic after the structure is finishing, house-owner person should pick an auspicious day, go up crossbeam, the close friends of far and near can show up that day the betrothal gifts that follow a drop, express to congratulate also denounce lucky. Alleged go up crossbeam, it is one kind symbolizes only actually, in building girder what reelection makes an appointment with two meters is superior after finishing log, the 8 wall map of ' that Chinese tradition affixes above ' is given by close friend hang on one string of ancient copper cash, with the colour bag of food crops, means all directions is restful, action money enters treasure, golden harvests, and the origin at crossbeam material; Folk has a paragraph of such doggerel: This tree is long be in eventually south hill, lu Ban child moves it, adze dig axe curiums make it material, use in here to decide restful. Arrive when booked auspicious, carpenter master should be used kill chicken and wipe gallinaceous blood go up in the wall, axe - blessing, chicken - auspicious is homophonic, implied meaning happiness is lucky. Before crossbeam rises, carpenter master should water liquor in Liang Tou, bridge waist, bridge end and the mouth appeals to: Irrigate Liang Tou, irrigate Liang Tou, money is like running water never anxious, irrigate bridge waist, irrigate bridge waist, here treasure ground gets together money and valuables, , cast bridge remaining part, cast bridge remaining part, children and grand children is unborn forever Qing Dynasty of be an official is like water. Crossbeam slowly rise while, carpenter master even the mouth appeals to: Crossbeam is just like one continuous line, smooth smooth firm upgrade goes, arrive to stop on the way all right, close friends will hang red. So far whole congratulatory ceremony ends, put firecracker, close friends sitting, use up festival banquet in all.