Old a popular rural folk dance and tall foot child
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On earth of east of Shanhaiguan, most the civilian song and dance that suffers common people to love is northeast old a popular rural folk dance. Annual friend, no matter town still is village collect, sound of the suona horn sound with yangko lively and lively team, gong and drum is in in beaming festal atmosphere resound. History record, be in early Kang Xi year, northeast had had " go up yuan of day " (the first month of the lunar year 15) those who do a popular rural folk dance is consuetudinary. The man of the performance is played the part of join the army, woman isogon is lubricious, until dawn of song of edge dance edge, all night. Arrived the Republic of China of clear minor details year, twisting old a popular rural folk dance had been the Spring Festival recreational activities that spreads all over northeast each district. "Do a popular rural folk dance " initiate an organizer, or it is a businessman rich door, or it is administrative orgnaization, or it is civilian organization, the responsible this locality that be like collect is good at the person that hereat, apposition manages dress stage property, invite arrangement of rehearse of team of strains of music accompanied by drumbeats, organization, planning show to wait, specific item is good by an acting normally, prestige is high, handle affairs capability is strong " yangko head " be in charge of getting together. Busy move wishs the one every family at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year a Happy New Year, general from first 2 begin " run yangko " . Show form is given priority to with wishing congratulate on a happy occasion a Happy New Year. In town, yangko team wants local official office and businessman shop door acts with wishing name a Happy New Year piece, be in a country is to sitting cart arrives the village collect around, in the show in village public place or house of rich home large family, also have the idea that call at sb's house wishs a Happy New Year. This kind of show, suffer the person that do obeisance to to want entertainment of preliminary smoke tea, give when yangko team is faced " yangko head " cumshaw, some provides a meal even. So yangko team pays a New Year call to already picked good boy or girl friend beforehand, at least is to want to have the ability of cumshaw, otherwise the person eats a horse to feed all sorts of charge to pay expenses hard. Of course, men and women of the place when the show can watch the scene of bustle in vain. Past country spends the New Year, it is a graph " happy event promote " , 2 it is to tell outer part. If which village did not come,yangko team pays a New Year call, the person of the village can feel not happy. Accordingly, if this village does not do a popular rural folk dance, each press money of booth of the rich and the poor, the village outside sending a person to go " receive yangko " , think the village adds the festive atmosphere that spend the New Year. The style of northeast old a popular rural folk dance, with lively and hot heat, bold and unrestrained celebrated. It is good that folk says yangko is occupied cry " twist billow " , namely not only dance appearance wants beautiful, and lumbar hip is placed so that extent wants big, rhythm feels ambitious, expression should have appeal, anyhow is cannot insipid and want hyperbole, just accord with the folkway with forthright and enthusiastic east of Shanhaiguan. In addition, of yangko " go blast " (advancing performance formation) also want lively and fresh. Divide normally outside meditate, still can walk out of " 2 dragon are spat beard " , " too extremely the Eight Diagrams " wait for a lot of pattern, speed, the edge walks along an edge to change, add the bright-coloured color of dress of the member that perform, look the person is dazzlingly. The wonderful part in yangko is stilt, common says " step on tall foot child " . Lift up rod is long 2 to 3 feet, also be to take yangko pace and lineup in the performance, in order to be twisted quickly, twist happily had better. The character that plays the part of in yangko, already drape a band of red silk over sb's shoulders hangs green old girl, young a young married woman, also have the ugly old woman that takes long small-bowled long-stemmed pipe child, of the prefectural officer of wing of the cap that wear gauze, idiotic " foolish post " , and " Qiang ass " , " land boat " etc add the show that takes other stage property, each guileless is comical and simple and honest, lovely. Another kind of part is folk's hep novel opera character, be like " on the west travel notes " the common childe girl on the medium 4 division apprentice, 8 admire that cross the sea and New Year picture, Yu Qiao is read n cultivated land etc. If yangko team is to take " tall foot child " , hind a kind of character is acted by what step on lift up more. Old times do the yangko dance is the male, so woman role is male more play the part of female outfit, act rise more bold forceful, droll absurdity.
See yangko most of satisfy a craving is to be met " make pair of stands " , namely an a place where people gather for various purposes came two yangko team. Because spend the New Year,the yangko when gives gratuity mostly, so according to do not become the established practice of article, place of a show can take line of a yangko only. If team of two groups of yangko arrives at the same time, or be hind the yangko group that reach does not wish concede, that can assign on any account with acting only. Twist well, can attract view from stay, what ability is inferior to a person is automatic exit. Whenever at this moment, two yangko team must take out special original story, all the more exert to one's utmost, calling interest the ground is twisted, audience people criterion fishing Weng Deli, big feast one's eyes on. In this kind of match, the happy hand that blows suona horn (common calls a horn artisan) having crucial effect. Because yangko is,nod as suona horn sound and gong and drum go, say from particular significance, blow what do not come out only, did not twist what do not come out, because this suona horn is equivalent to the soul of yangko team. Outstanding horn artisan, the melody that meets not only is much, performance skill is high, and experienced still a lot of absolutely vivid, craft is excellent person can playing wind instruments while, each insert the cigarette that lighting only in two nostril, the top of head puts the bowl of a Cheng Shui each with two arms, going to blow, turning to blow, ascend a table to blow, , horn bowl of eternal, water does not asperse ceaseless, cigarette. This kind lives absolutely at ordinary times not need, encounter when want to denounce cumshaw more or making pair of stands, just shine, defeat sb by a surprise action. So, do a popular rural folk dance ask the horn artisan with local big name as far as possible. Some moment are in show, came another Qiu Yang song, from old far listen to a horn to be blown well, perhaps asking about horn artisan is famed ace, meet candidly admit defeat is automatic " fade is retreated " . The yangko that spends the New Year to twist arrives friend 15 reach a climax to 959 days. Walk along what the village strings together collect to pay a New Year call to had ended at this moment, the businessman shop on the street also began new business of a year. The day of the festival of lanterns, yangko team reachs place centrally in succession the most flourishing and lively small towns is street, have the show of processional type. Some still does designedly with what admire be in harmony of festive lantern atmosphere to be an organic whole " lamp official yangko " . On downtown streets wonderful performance this Fu Biqi, lively and extraordinary. The actors that love a popular rural folk dance also are used up in the hip of full street audience exhibit talent, too sufficient yangko addiction. After because be troubled by,crossing this two days, they are about discharge goes colour outfit, return cropland and mill in, become everyday worker.
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