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"The Songhua River fall " Zhou Zhou of square culture activity 5 start Yesterday, the reporter understands in bureau of Jilin city culture, to promote a city grade, the culture of rich and broad citizen lives, commemorate the War of Resistance Against Japan wins 60 years, congratulatory People's Republic of China holds water 56 years, sponsor by Jilin municipal Party committee, municipal government, the 7th when city culture bureau undertakes " the Songhua River fall " week of square culture activity will be started on September 16, come to will end on September 21.
Week of current culture activity will at every night 6 when come 30 minutes 8 when before municipal government door square is held.
As we have learned, week of activity of current square culture saves You Jilin masses of city of theatrical company of opera of city of chorus of city of philharmonic, Jilin, Jilin, Jilin city of group, Jilin loves orchestral music of artistic house folk show of happy opera center the large and integrated literary evening party of 6 high grade.
Specific performance program is as follows:
Hold late on September 16 " the Songhua River is moonlight " concert of bowstring of large nation canal. On the concert, the artist with round orchestral music of folk of house of city masses art will play the music of China and foreign countries of a lot of win universal praise for broad citizen.
September 17 is large and operatic special performance late, show of happy by Jilin city love operatic center " the daughter of the party " .
The theme that runs show of theatrical company of opera of You Jilin city late on September 18 is " happy today night " evening party of high-quality goods of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast.
Hold late on September 19 " Hua Dan's night " large hand in noisy concert, show unit is the Jilin that has certain effect in the whole nation the province is philharmonic.
Hold late on September 20 " motherland eulogy " evening party of large singing and dancing, show unit is successive and old ginseng
Add the Jilin city chorus of evening party of CCTV Spring Festival.
Hold late on September 21 " Meng Niu's night " large put together art the evening party, show of house of art of masses of You Jilin city is extensive the singing and dancing of citizen love to see and hear, essay, comic dialogue.