Park of forest of phoenix of the East China Sea
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Park of forest of phoenix of the East China Sea is located in Qianlong emperor to be lost because of be infatuated with beautiful scenery sit ride those who get a name to look at churchyard of equestrian channel village, here traffic advantage, draw near according to hill water, scene is enchanting, cheng Hui of set each other off of hill, water, village, gross area more than mus 500 garden area is built-in have pool of lotus pool, reservoir, mountain villa, fishing, garden, breed an area, grow area, entertainment division, extend an area to wait for establishment of of all kinds function. All employee take garden area " harmonious, green, healthy, recreational, close affection " management concept, strive to make Wu of room of a market, recreational, meal, recreation, meeting for Jilin people the former zoology travel at an organic whole is recreational bethel.

Traffic: Distance Jilin urban district 15 kilometers, drive to need 25 minutes only, on the right side of outcome of close summit of river of auspicious long high speed 100 meters, 302 countries have by the side of the path " mountain villa of phoenix of the East China Sea " guidepost.

Accommodation: Tall three-layer of building of suzerain of hill of phoenix of the East China Sea, have bed 112 pieces, among them two-men standard guest room 11, guest room of 5 people standard 7, average guest room 10, mix of closed-circuit television entirely phone. First floor is built have a men and women; Surf bathroom. Have in 3 buildings muti_function auditoria. Additionally one can accommodate edge of 32 people water to watch building of scene condole foot, live scene of upstair considerable hill, listen to frog to cry. And stock is much bivouac tent, let you enjoy field cantonment open interest.

Meal: Mountain villa is all advocate deputy food all comes from interior to cultivate with circumjacent country, and by the country advanced nutrition division is undertaken quality guards a pass, design dish is tasted. The Shanling game such as Ma of fish of the hill potherb that the tourist can taste savor free from contamination already, dawdle, spring, Ha Shi, the farmhouse gust such as the stupid pig that also can taste savor to be produced oneself in the home, stupid chicken, stupid egg, rice sticking bud, dozen of cake that still can taste savor to be made toward spot of Ni of Mom of a group of things with common features A, mix the ethical gust such as dish, more but oneself start work in self-help barbecue area one show one's skill, the experience is romantic.

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