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Times shopping square (Henan street)
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Shopping place name: The acting square that buy goods is finite when Jilin city liability company (large market, integrated shop)
General manager: Sui Dawei
Address: Nanjing street 12 postcodes: 132011
Phone: 2045007 faxes: 2045007
Cover an area of: 38 thousand M2
Floor area: 42 thousand M2
Business uses an area: 26 thousand M2
Commercial floor: F1-F5
Advocate battalion: Integrated general merchandise and shop, meal, recreation
Traffic information: Get off by 28 45 road, accessary hospitals
Shopping guideline: 4 dress of bullion gem, men and women, integrated bazaar, motion skin of recreational, men and women is provided
Credit card serves: Card of peony card, golden spic card, Long Ka, Great Wall, Pacific Ocean card, medium the letter gets stuck
Circumstance of shopping place periphery
Meal place: Shop of wine of Fu Xiang hotel, Hubei,
Watch area of spot, travel to nod: Dadongmen square of square, boreal hill park, Changjiang Delta park, century
Accommodation establishment: Travel guesthouse
Public place of entertainment: Big east door underground