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Oriental business mansion (Henan street)
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Inc. of mansion of Jilin east business, repose at countrywide civilization a street -- street of Jilin city Henan is mid. Only then built 1818, it is the old store that has nearly 200 years of histories. It is Jilin city now large, omnibus general merchandise is retail enterprise.
The company has business area 27 thousand square metre, management commodity variety amounts to more than kinds 100 thousand, first what sale, profit occupies an area 10 years continuously, the cogongrass before the row is provincial, for home 100 strong.
The tenet running store of the company is: "Inspect a client to be god, inspect credit to be life " .
The service tenet of the company is: "Customer satisfaction is us forever pursuit " .
4 acceptance of the company are:
(one) Oriental business mansion executes go ahead of the rest to be in charge of making to commodity, if discovery is fake,commodity is informed against have reward;
(2) the goods that buys in Oriental business mansion, can be by credit card inside time limit, without reason exchange a purchase (dirty, incomplete and national explicit order forbid except of commodity of exchange a purchase) ;
(3) the goods that every buys in Oriental business mansion, all implement plain code actual price. If discover price of work off commodity and price sign place bid price to not agree with (include to mark a price under place case work off) , inform against to business department have reward;
(4) Oriental business mansion is executed to work off commodity depreciate compensation system, what commodity happening depreciates is buy to give compensation price difference inside 15 days namely. (of ranking and unified regulation depreciate except)
Spirit of enterprise is: Solidarity, go all out in work, be realistic, innovation.
Two civilization build the business successful, in the economic benefits that obtains arrogant person at the same time, still have the honor to win federation of trade unions of China whole nation to award " 51 labor certificate of merit of countrywide " , " countrywide commerce sincere letter enterprise " , " enterprise of satisfaction of customer of countrywide business industry " , " the whole nation defends company of contract heavy credit " , countrywide trade union names " Chinese business name tagvisiting card. Be decided for the whole nation 5 couplet unifinication orders an unit surely. Be named to be by government of province of Jilin provincial Party committee " civilized unit " , be awarded by province prices bureau " demonstrative inn of plain code actual price " , " metric letter has gotten province price enterprise " , be awarded by province technology supervisory bureau " without fake demonstrative inn " .
Oriental business mansion is being entered to new target act vigorously at present, strive to build Oriental business mansion into volume section, labour, trade to be an organic whole inside the shortest time, the stock group company that diversity expands.
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