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Blessing source house (Henan street)
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Blessing source house is store of food of China old name, be located in Jilin town's bustling Henan street middle, before the factory after inn, only then build at Qing Chaochu year.
Cake of blessing source house brushs a model with balm, square furnace is baked make, cast makings scale to secure, 10 jins of faces add 10 jins of white sugar to add 130 eggs, cake 16 1 jin, colour and lustre is even, mouthfeel is loose delicacy is sweet.
Tea-oil tree of blessing source house insists to be fried twice, guarantee against paste is not unripe, flay of the sesame seed in tea-oil tree uses deepfry, take out of sesame seed benevolence is acrid, color is white and smell is sweet.
Cake of gram of blessing source house, the mung bean that used a skin is made, colour and lustre is good, flavour beauty.
At the beginning of blessing source house is founded, it is one is given priority to with selling boiled water, tea-oil tree holding battalion concurrently, polished glutinous rice inn of small cakes and sweetmeats, management breed is onefold, the facade of a shop is very small, continuous cropping lane, storehouse just 200 much square metre. Because get the favourable geographical position of dock of drought of old dockyard water, enrol a guest with sweet tea, cate invites guest, the business gradually grand, only then establish the name " port source house " . Hind 1850 (Qing Daoguang 30 years) have so-called " handsome 6 greatly " surname the businessman comes by other cities inn, investment extend, retain a division, make all sorts of cake, make work from be on sale. Hold the 20 many breed such as battalion fruit, banger, ham, salted duck, forked carbonado concurrently. As management development, gain is gradual, to make exchequer sustainable, take then " blessing 3 sources " the date that it is treasure lays a foundation, change " port source house " for " blessing source house " .
Bogus full later stage, this store line of business besides day, be in condition of stop production close down. Till 1948 Jilin city is liberated, as the construction of new China, house production manages blessing source to restore gradually. Nowadays, blessing source house already by the small mill in the past, wicket city progress becomes to have medium, on the west treatment of cake treatment, quick frozen food, cooked food treatment, drink is machined and wholesale and retail the food company that holds battalion concurrently. Was named to be by department of trade of classics of People's Republic of China 1994 " China old name " enterprise.
Management breed of blessing source house has various tradition midpoint, new or cake of confect, birthday, quick frozen food, cooked food, drink, freezing point and meal.

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