Bleach river smoke
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Smoke bleaching a river smoke of renown east of Shanhaiguan. It is the renown tobacco of a kind of celebrated whole nation, originate in Jilin to visit the village bleaching a river of city of flood dragon river. Here is basin of a gorge, local farmer is called " bleach river plain " , humus soil layer is deep, fecund, rainfall is abundant, climate is appropriate, the most comfortable grow at tobacco leaf, tens of land in can cultivate circumference. Smoke bleaching a river basically has " safflower iron dwarf " , " Bai Huatie dwarf " , " big blue veins " , " big earmuffs " wait for a few breed. Have a lot of different place with other smoke, basically have 5 big characteristics: It is vein opposite, common says " to muscle smoke " , place of other tobacco leaf does not have this; 2 it is colour and lustre sterling. The tobacco leaf after maturity is scarlet or sauce is gules, have oily, shine, feel softness; 3 it is to inhale the scent when using full-bodied, odour scent, without careless miscellaneous gas, and the aftertaste inside the mouth after suck is aromatic; 4 be not cut fire, after lighting white ash, also can smoke in any damp environments, if maritime fisherman and well lay exercise worker, as a result of all round air humidity is big, general tobacco leaf is smoked do not wear, smoke bleaching a river can be smoked all the same; 5 it is suck hind not choke voice, do not cough. In the past, a few old actor of Thespian bound and quyi bound, wish more suck bleachs river smoke. Smoke bleaching a river helps advance somebody's career the history is long, what annals can check have 300 old, quiet day cropper is most, the farmer here also plants major land smoke, fokelore is sealed because of confusing kind of smoke to had sufferred emperor and became articles of tribute for the most part.

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