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Filbert is feral more, hazel belong to deciduous leaf bush, tall person can amount to 2 meters or so, what grow in the hillside mostly is medium on bottom and glade, often form forest. Fructification common weighs filbert, collect Tuo Bao wants after closing, after Guo Bao falls off, fruit carapace is shown brown. Hazel Lin Zhongke produces a many hazel mushroom, for rare food.
Filbert fructification nutrition is rich, can be born already feed Yi Ke to fry feed, delicious and goluptious have relieve a cough action. Nutlet can make elegant cake, also can make the advanced nutrition invigorator such as fat of filbert breast, filbert; Filbert nutlet still can make starch or oil expression, oil yield is amounted to 50% the left and right sides. Oily lubricious orange color is yellow, smell is sweet qualitative Qing Dynasty, for advanced edible oil.