Oil of Chinese forest frog
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Chinese forest frog (toad) , cry again " frog " , namely Chinese forest frog, result from full language, northeast folk call it " oil breaths out toad " . Basically point to female.
Chinese forest frog has higher officinal value and edible value. Female Chinese forest frog, the sex after 2 years is mature, begin to grow oil. About 200 every or so can take out a jin of oil. This kind of oil learns to go up to be considered as to raise shade medicine in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Its component basically contains protein, and a variety of amino acid, enzymatic kind wait for material with all sorts of carotene. Flavour pleasant, salty, the gender is smooth, can rise to fill kidney beneficial essence, raise the action of shade embellish lung.
Main function is, use at treating the body frail, postpartum and maladjusted, spirit is insufficient, palpitation insomnia, night sweat is more than wait. Chinese forest frog contains taller protein, can use feed fill.
The Chinese forest frog with greater type of build or figure, hind legs spreads out, length can achieve 20 centimeters, control for 15 centimeters commonly. Chinese forest frog is amphibian, be in annual spring, summer, autumn in 3 season, 5 many months live in high mountain covert, the others the time of 6 many months from lay eggs, till hatch, breed is hibernant, spend completely in water. Common saying says " one should not demand absolute purity " , but Chinese forest frog is different, it favores clear water river. The food of Chinese forest frog basically is the insect such as mosquito, be in commonly nightly forage.
Because the officinal value of Chinese forest frog and edible value are very great, in last few years, had begun to be raised artificially in Jilin area.

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