Loose seed
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Loose seed is planted for rare tree the seed of Korean pine. Basically distributing to reach forest zone of small Xing Anling at growing Bai Shan, dependency home one class endangered species, feral Korean pine needs to grow 50 years rear begin knot seed, autumn makes an appointment with two years. Because this is very precious. Its seed bead is big, kind benevolence delicious, be known as " of macrobian fruit of " peanut " , " , get with higher nutrient value the favour of people. Its edible history is long, belong to the organic green food of free from contamination. Oil content of Korean pine seed is as high as 78 % , protein 14.8 % , contain a variety of vitamins, it is very valuable wood this oil plants and health food. Protein, carbohydrate is contained a lot ofin Song Ziren, reach many V E component and embedded and rich vitamin A and E and the fatty acid that human body needs, oleic acid, linoleic acid and flax acid, the acid of leather Nuo collect that in still having other plant, does not have. Often edible can prevent heart disease; Reduce hematic fat, bate blood-vessel. Still have defend the cancer, action that fights cancer, have the function of grow colour hairdressing.