Brake dish
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Herb of brake dish perennial, belong to brake kind, alias is called again " flexibly dish " , " wolf beanstalk " . It is the beautiful in potherb is tasted, be known as the king of hill dish. Produce in long Bai Shan more than arteries and veins originates in Jilin to save the eastpart part and the wet land in a mountainous area Lin Yuan or mid and a mountainous area, half bush, riparian valley is much, jilin area is one of main source. Cent is green lever and violet lever two kinds. Delicacy is fried or can do soup edible already, but saline be soiled or bask in dried vegetable, it is famous green food. Jilin exports osmund dish every year to work amount to millions kilogram.
Brake dish contains a variety of nutrition part such as carotene, vitamin, still contain glucoside of element of glucoside of wild cherry glucoside, Chinese milk vetch, yanhusuo acid, amber acid, alkaloid, brake, brake to wait for chemical composition, gas of heat having solution, diuresis, beneficial, raise the function such as shade. Rhizome is medicable parotitis, dysenteric, young leaf nap can stop traumatic haemorrhage, immerse drinkable hind can prevent and cure cold.

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