Black agaric
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Black agaric is northeast is the famousest " Shan Zhen " one of. Configuration seed body is colloid, shallow disc form, ear form or irregular ear form, wide 2-12 centimeter, fresh when soft, after working, contract, puce comes black Brown.
Black agaric contains human body must 8 kinds of amino acid and vitamin, have higher nutrient value and fair officinal value. Contain in black agaric those who abound is colloid, have favorable distinct benefit effect to human body digestion, have clear esophagus, wash bowel, embellish lung, reduce haemal clot, shape of congee of alleviation coronary artery is sclerotic, reduce the effect of thrombus. The polysaccharide form substance in black agaric has certain effect to preventing human body tumour, also be it is person of come off work of requirement of work of tall dust of textile, tonsorial course of study and mine's necessary health food.

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