Pilose antler
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Pilose antler is northeast one of 3 treasure, basically have originate in go in for sth in a large scale red deer fine and soft of An Ling and the sika fine and soft that originate in long Bai Shan. Pilose antler is the fair antler that does not have ossification. Antler grows every year, individual Lu Sheng has 2 stubble fine and soft, fall off between Feburary, again long April. When pilose antler just grew soft tender, there is a skin outside horn, there is fluff on the skin, cartilage is inside, bestrewed blood capillary. The growth period of pilose antler arrives from April commonly July, can grow everyday 2, 4 millimeter, fine and soft can be become inside 80 days. Pilose antler cent is sika fine and soft and equestrian pilose antler two kinds, norms has 2 bar to curium fine and soft, 3 fork curium fine and soft of fine and soft of fine and soft, 2 bar behead, 3 fork behead. The officinal value of pilose antler is very high, can give birth to filling marrow of essence of life, the beneficial that raise blood is in relief, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein be good at bone, remedial body eye of frail, deaf is dark wait for disease, young to aged body person is ideal firm effect cordial. In addition, blood of bone of muscle of end of embryo of kidney of antler, deer, deer, deer, deer, deer, deer, deerskin and venison are precious medicinal material. Can say, cervine whole body is treasure, be in early of Li Shizhen " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in label pilose antler top grade. Deerskin is OK curry, seam the garment, shoemaking, venison is delicate, adipose little, nutrition is rich, it is more advanced food.
Jilin city has the cervine field with a lot of large minor volume, field of deer of dragon pool hill is among them a bigger. It is located in the Na Lu of hill of pool of dragon of outskirt of Jilin city southeast. Draw near according to hill water, aquatic is rich, the breed that suits a deer very much and grow, the sika that domesticating to get on 1000 over and red deer. Stain is contained on sika body, the white decorative pattern that the materiality on the body is like plum shape is very clear, whole deer looks very beautiful. Red deer is some loftier than sika, the shoulder height of red deer is 1.5 meters about, weight is controlled in 250 kilograms, the spot that hip has a triangle piece. The deer is one kind is good at running bouncing, recreant the animal of easy Jing, docile, like gregarious.

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