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Marten is " northeast " one of 3 treasure, element has " Qiu Zhongzhi king " say. Marten belongs to fur of detailed superficial knowledge, leather board is admirable, gentle and strong, wool fine hair is thick, smooth of colour and lustre. With the Pi Cao clothing that it makes, elegant, it is ideal fur coat leather.
Marten is divided again for sable and mink two kinds. Among them with sable skin relatively rare, sable skin crop is few, the price is high, have " Qiu Zhongzhi king " good name, what made people wealth and rank again accordingly is indicative. Be in abroad, be called " soft gold " . Marten is had " wind blows fur Mao Gengnuan, snow falls fur snow from disappear, rain falls fur hair is not wet " 3 big characteristics.
Ermine is a kind of extremely feral animal, moggy of be similar in shape, weight makes an appointment with a kilogram, body length makes an appointment with 40 centimeters.
Sable says again zibelline, forest ermine, common people calls it " big leaf " , show Zong slightly because of fur Brown, get a name so. Belong to the eye that eat the meat, weasel division, night of hot season of more dissocial, day gives the life habit of ermine, divide copulatory and outside breed period, like to live the life alone. With diminutive mammal, avian, rat kind for main food, also feed the bacca such as loose seed.
Be in our country, mixed forest belt counteracts the needle broad leaf that sable basically lives in long Bai Shan size Xing Anling and Xinjiang A Ertai hill beyond arteries and veins, the amount is few, the price of marten is so high.
Mink life is mixed between Lin Zhongxi water in size river. Jilin city begins to be raised artificially from 1965, through effort of nearly 40 years, the amplification with raised ceaseless scale, the quality of marten also rises ceaselessly, the mink leather that Jiangchen market sells now, the technology that make is superior, have not only black Brown, still white, sapphirine color, pearl color, coffee is waited a moment.

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